Will it be an ideal option, when I do need the loans quickly?
For your information, it all comes down to what you are looking for. In case, you do need the money within the same day, then of course it appears to be a viable alternative. However, you have to remember that these loans are meant to support your immediate need and are not suitable to deal with your long term expenses. If you are capable of paying back the amount sourced by the time your next paycheck arrives, then you must go for it.

What are the criteria required to qualify for the loans?
The conditions laid down to qualify for the loans are rather simple, which includes:-
- Your age should be over 18 years
- You do need to be employed and that your income should be fixed
- You must be an Australian citizen
- Access to a bank account with a debit card, where your monthly salary is deposited.

How much of the amount can I borrow?
Depending on the circumstances you are in, you will be capable of sourcing the funds. The amount can vary anywhere in between AU$100-AU$1000. The lenders will in fact make it a point to check whether you can afford the loans or not, before sanctioning the funds.

Will there be any interference, as to how I make use of the loans?
Once the loan amount is made available, the lenders never interfere as to how you make use of the loans. Well, the prime concern for the lenders is whether you can pay back the amount sourced or not.

Can I apply for the loans even with a bad credit history?
Although the lenders do not look at your past credit rating, while sanctioning the funds, they will indeed take a look at your existing condition, before approving the funds.

What if I have trouble making payments?
The loans offered are designed to provide immediate relief, where in you require the money to deal with your immediate needs. If you are having some sort of problem, then you must notify the lender. In case you are already under financial duress, then you must never apply for the loans.

Representative Example:
You Borrow —$300
You Pay —$372
Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable)